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In the Company of the Courtesan
Sarah Dunant
Research Methods for Business: A Skill-Building Approach
Uma Sekaran
Even though I didn't really enjoy this book, it wasn't bad. Most of the chapters had a clear structure and the concepts were well explained. It's not the book's fault that I just don't enjoy business and management..
When I was a child I read this book many times and I loved it every time. A few years ago I gave it to my sister, but she never read it. When I felt like reading it again, I stole it back from her. And I loved it, even now. It may officially be a children's book, this book is great for every age.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower,The

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky I wanted to love it. I truly did. But throughout the entire book, I mostly felt kind of bored. Perhaps it was partly that I don't really like first person narration, and partly that the story just didn't really interest me, because not a lot happened. And the 'plot twist' at the ending just felt forced. I don't know. I am kind of confused right now.

Light (Gone)

Light  - Michael  Grant Amazing book. I don't cry when reading books very often, but finishing this one made me bawl my eyes out. This was an amazing end of an amazing series, but I'm sad that this is really the end.

I just read this book (and the entire series) for the second time, and I stand by my initial review. I love this series so much.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - Eliezer Yudkowsky Technically I'm not done yet, because this is still an ongoing story, but so far this is absolutely amazing.

Morals and Markets: The Dangerous Balance

Morals and Markets: The Dangerous Balance - Daniel Friedman Yes, it's over, finally! I was doubting between giving this two or three stars, but since I"m the first one giving a rating I'd feel kind of bad for the writers if I gave two, and it was not always that terrible. But in general, I really disliked this book. Of course, I am biased because economics do not really interest me, but in the beginning, it wasn't even that bad. The further I went into the book, however, the more annoying it got. Of course it would be good to write a proper review, but after reading this I'm kind of braindead, so I am sorry.

Harry Potter and the Charming Prince (The Bound Prince, #7)

Harry Potter and the Charming Prince (The Bound Prince, #7) - slashpervert I can't believe that I'm done with this series. This is the best fanfiction that I've ever read and I enjoyed every word of it.
Great book. Really interesting story.

Kameraad Scheermes / druk 1

Kameraad Scheermes - Rogi Wieg Not that well written, but it was okay. It did give a good impression of how it is to be severely depressed.